University Park, IL,
15:53 PM

Valerie Cronin-Fisher, Ph.D.


Interpersonal and Family Communication, Conflict Management, and Research Methods Expert


Dr. Valerie Cronin-Fisher is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Governors State University. She received both her master's and doctoral degrees in communication from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her teaching interests include interpersonal and family communication, research methods, communication theory and conflict management. The goal of her research is to produce practical applications for individuals who are experiencing turmoil or uncertainty in close relationships. 

Dr. Cronin-Fisher’s Research Focus:

  • Romantic conflict
  • Relational dissolution
  • Self-disclosure within friendships
  • Jealousy
  •  Uncertainty
  • Motherhood
  • Birth communication

Relevant Work:

  • Goode, J., Knight, K., Denker, K & Cronin-Fisher, V. (2021). Political difference in marriage : Wife’s gender linked fate and relational conflict. Communication Studies
  • Cronin-Fisher, V., & Sahlstein Parcell, E. (2019). Making sense of dissatisfaction during  the transition to motherhood through relational dialectics theory. Journal of Family Communication, 19, 1-12. https://doi.org10.1080/15267431.2019.1590364
  • Cole, A. W., Anderson, C., Bunton, T. E., Cherney, M. R., Cronin Fisher, V., Draeger
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Dr. Cronin-Fisher is available to talk about interpersonal and familial communication, conflict management, and research methods. If you would like to arrange an interview with Dr. Cronin-Fisher, please contact Zion Banks, Media & External Relations, 708.235.7685 or