University Park, IL,
11:11 AM

The Thought Leader's Viewpoint

Interview with EPIC Academy's Myetie Hamilton

The Thought Leader’s Viewpoint (TLV) host Dr. Felicia L.Townsend interviewed Myetie Hamilton, executive director of EPIC Academy, for the latest episode. Hamilton discussed career exploration and the importance of exposing students to careers during high school.

Through its Career Intensives program, EPIC has partnered with 25 to 30 public and private organizations across the metro Chicagoland area to bring representatives into the classroom to talk with students.

To increase their exposure to professional career options, graduating seniors have the opportunity to work with partner agencies as a part of EPIC’s career internship program.

According to Hamilton, internships “further prepare students for college and help them make a connection with why and how the classroom and learning intersects with their career path”.

EPIC, founded in 2009, is a Level 1 public, open-enrollment charter school located in South Chicago.

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