University Park, IL,
11:43 AM

Supply Chain Hub Receives $578,000 grant to Launch

Contact: Jun Zhao

Governors State University



University Park, IL – Governors State University’s College of Business has received a $578,884 Build to Scale grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) to fund the operation of the Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator (SCICBI), an Illinois Innovation Network (IIN) hub on Governors State’s campus.

The university was one of 52 applicants selected for an EDA Build to Scale Program Grant for which 600 agencies applied. GSU will use the grant to fund the operation of the hub, which will provide resources and opportunities to students, faculty, employees of supply chain businesses, and innovative startups. 

COB Dean Jun Zhao says the $578K grant fund will help establish the new Supply Chain Incubator as one of 15 state-wide innovation hubs set up in 2019. The university is matching the federal grant, as required, with in-kind funds. Dr. Zhao co-leads the grant with Division Chair Dr. Olumide Ijose. 

 SCICBI in the Southland will challenge the status quo in the supply chain and logistics sector and contribute to job creation and economic development in an area enriched by rail and highway assets.

“The transportation, distribution, and logistics sector has become a major growth engine for our region, and we’ve received tremendous support from both Cook and Will county offices, state legislators, and local municipalities in our efforts’’ said Dr. Zhao.

This grant comes at the perfect time as SCICBI Director Reggie Greenwood joins the team. He pointed to new large logistics projects in the University Park area as evidence that the university and SCICBI are at the center of an emerging logistics cluster. 

Governors State President Cheryl Green sees the grant as an opportunity to advance the vision of the university. 

“Governors State University’s new Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator will help businesses and startups in the region improve their supply chain processes, foster innovation, and promote job creation and economic development. It will contribute to GSU’s mission to become an economic catalyst of the region.”

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