University Park, IL,
11:50 AM

Study Time, a Family Affair at GSU

Family can sometimes be an obstacle to study time, but it can also be the best motivation there is. The Regalado family can testify to that. The family that studies together will…graduate. That’s Luis Regalado’s plan. A 44-year old U.S. Navy Veteran of the Gulf War, who works as a senior manager at a financial institution, Luis attended a Governors State University workshop at Triton College in summer of 2017 entitled “What Can I Do with a Bachelors’ in Communication?” delivered by Professor Dr. David Felix.

From the information he learned there, he was able to enroll in the Communication program delivered on-site at Triton College through a School of Extended Learning academic partnership agreement. Students receive their Associate Degree through Triton College, and transfer credits to a Bachelor’s degree with courses delivered by faculty from GSU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

“It was the right fit for me as a working adult with family. I have three little ones,” Luis shared. “Communication is a universal skill.”

Regalado didn’t stop there. He recruited his 22-year old godson, Andres to join him. A passionate advocate for youth, Luis finds time to give back and enjoys challenging children to be their best. “I told Andres, why go pay more at a university downstate, when Triton is so convenient.”

Andres is now enrolled and keeps a rigorous course schedule, which will allow him to graduate in spring 2021.

“What was cool was finding that Andres and I had some of the same classes. We study together. Thursday is study time, but it’s also bonding time,” Regalado shared. “We go to his house, since I have the little ones.”

What does Luis hope to do with his degree in Communication?

“Once I finish, I will be looking for other opportunities at my current company, and if they don’t align, I am considering entrepreneurship. You have to rely on networking. It’s sometimes who you know and how you communicate. The best way of communicating is listening. The Triton program is unique. I am developing relationships with the other students. We are all working adults who bring unique perspectives. Some are business owners, some like politics. We have this kind of fraternity/sorority bond which makes for a cohesive classroom. These students come to shine.”

Luis continues to recruit for the program. Why? His motto — “It is easier to guide a child than fix a young adult.”

For more information contact the Director of Academic Partnerships Michelle Sebasco at or call 708.235.3983.