University Park, IL,
15:59 PM

School of Extended Learning sponsors drone and robotics competitions

People gathering around tables covered in pamphlets for colleges and careers

Gearing up to reach new heights, Governors State University's (GovState) School of Extended Learning (SXL) is sponsoring two competitions this year, one for drones and one for robotics, as part of their year-long program, funded by Amazon, that connects high school students with career pathways involved with drones, robotics, computer science, manufacturing, and supply chain.

To kick off this program, SXL held a meet and greet in GovState's Hall of Governors ahead of both competitions for employers to not only learn about the events, but also meet with students to share career opportunities and advice on self-presentation for job opportunities. 

“It is great to see the involvement from our local employers to connect with young individuals and talk about the career paths available right here in the Chicago Southland region,” said Craig Schmidt, Executive Director of SXL.

Reggie Greenwood, Director of Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator, added that it strengthens GovState's role in the region. “This networking event helps build knowledge about the leadership role that GovState is playing in our region,” said Greenwood.

The first event, Rich Township Aerial Drone Competition Tournament, took place early February with 20 teams from the North Central region of the United States competing in events that tested their pilot skills, autonomous flight skills and teamwork. 

The second event, Southworks Robotics Olympics, is set to take place later in the spring on April 20 at South Suburban College. This event seeks to foster the growing interest in robotics and engineering by hosting healthy competitions between schools across Illinois. Teams' robots will compete in various events that include navigating mazes, launching catapults, and battling in sumo matches.

Volunteers to serve as judges and help in other areas are needed for the Southworks competition. GovState staff are welcome to volunteer and can contact SXL Executive Director, Craig Schmidt,, for more details.