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16:23 PM

Ready for takeoff: GovState's new pilot training program

Various workers standing around a plane on a runway with a sunset in the background

By Zion Banks, Staff Writer

In a move to ready more licensed airplane pilots for takeoff, Governors State University (GovState) is partnering with D14 Aviation to launch a new pilot licensure training program.

The non-credit course offered by the School of Extended Learning (SXL) begins with a private pilot license requiring 90-hours of classroom work at GovState and successfully passing 40 hours of flight time with an instructor at Bult Field in Monee, Illinois. From there, students can move to a commercial pilot license by taking additional courses and flying time.

SXL Executive Director Craig Schmidt said the private pilot course will provide students with the foundational knowledge for safe and effective piloting and cover theoretical aspects of aviation, including aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, and regulations amongst other essential topics.

According to Schmidt, the course hits three objectives:

“First, we want to provide an alternative option to achieve a pilot’s license without having to secure a 4-year-degree. Second, this aligns with GovState’s focus to provide industry training and industry credentials that lead to good paying jobs, and third this supports GovState’s Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator (SCICBI), whose work focuses on the movement of cargo via aviation mobility.”

“We are excited to bring this training to the Chicago Southland region as it complements our drone training and puts GovState at the forefront of the supply chain sector,” said Schmidt.

To learn more, click here to register for an on-campus information session on March 20, 2024, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.