Chicago, IL,
16:01 PM

President Maimon on the Steve Cochran Show

GSU President Elaine Maimon joined WGN's Steve Cochran on the Steve Cochran Morning Show to discuss the Illinois budget crisis and its impact on higher education.

Wednesday, September 14, during the second half of the program, Steve Cochran spoke candidly with Dr. Maimon about his take on the state budget and why he thinks it's important to invest in state colleges and public universities. 

"We know, by way of statistics and studies, if a kid gets an education in an Illinois-based school, students are much more likely to stay in Illinois and earn a living," said Cochran. He furthered his point by adding that when students begin working in Illinois, they become "tax paying partners," and the state benefits economically.

President Maimon supported Cochran's claim, noting, "At Governors State University, 95 percent of our alumni stay in Illinois and become more affluent taxpayers."  

To hear more of this interview, please play the audio file below. 

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