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Moving Closer to Her Dreams

Graduate Profile: Amber Wrobel

Amber Wrobel

Amber Wrobel’s lifelong goal has been to work in the healthcare field. However, as a returning student she thought that she might feel left behind while sitting in class with students from a younger generation. Not only did her professors support and cheer her on the whole way, she also discovered that Governors State University (GSU) is so uniquely diverse that there is a place here for everyone. 

Now, Wrobel is grateful to the university, where she is graduating with her Bachelors of  Health Administration, for moving  her closer to her dreams.

GSU Newsroom: What drew you to GSU?

Wrobel: What drew me to GSU initially was the Dual Degree Program that is a unique partnership between GSU and 17 other Chicagoland community colleges. I was able to complete my associate degree and have a seamless transfer to GSU. Not only does this help keep tuition costs down but the convenience and location of the campus, as well as the flexibility of classes being offered that include online, hybrid formatting and in-person learning allowed me to continue to work full-time while completing my degree.

GSU Newsroom: What’s special about GSU?

Wrobel:  The diversity among the campus is enlightening. You will meet so many others from different backgrounds and experiences that just adds to your school experience. The mission, vision, and core values at GSU is shown everyday through the staff, and the facility prepares you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to succeed. Every step of the way my professors have provided me with encouragement and given me their time whether it be after hours or even on the weekends. They truly want to help you to succeed. 

GSU Newsroom: What were your top experiences (or professors) at GSU and why?

Wrobel: Three professors that have helped make a difference in my college experience would have to be Professor Herb Pitman, Dr. Nafees Qamar, and Dr. Natalia Rekhter. Being a returning student is not easy. These three professors provided me with the encouragement I needed to continue to move forward, even when I felt behind with the younger generation. Knowing there is someone in your corner rooting for you is very heartfelt. 

GSU Newsroom: What is special about the Bachelor of Health Administration program?

Wrobel: What sets the BHA program offered at GSU apart from others is it is fully certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. That certification is recognized for having withstood the rigors of peer review in which curricula, the faculty, and educational outcomes are critically examined. Also, the program includes a practicum experience with pre-approved locations where students are placed to gain valuable supervised experience within the health administration field. I was fortunate enough to fulfill my goal to be placed at a local hospital. That placement has enabled me to gain real word experience while networking within the field. 

GSU Newsroom: What’s next after graduation?

Wrobel: After graduation I hope to obtain a job within the healthcare administration field at my place of clinicals, Riverside Medical Center. I know that what knowledge I have gained in the program as well as the people I have met will help me move forward, all thanks to Governors State University!