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13:55 PM

Kristy Goodwin Offers Women Leaders Tips to Stay Balanced

In Women Leading with Authenticity, GSU College Pathways Program Director Kristy Goodwin provides nine daily tips to help women maintain balance while working in higher education and home.

Without balance, women are off center.

“There is another part to being an authentic leader, and that’s losing yourself in the process of leading. I have often had conversations with professionals for whom their work is their life and their identity is their position,” Goodwin writes in an American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers quarterly publication, College & University (C&U) Journal.

Among the tried and true practices of eating well and getting adequate sleep, Goodwin suggests, among other practices:

      Advocate for what’s right. Don’t waver. Believe in what you advocate for. If you have apprehensions, step back and work through them.

      Choose your battles wisely. Not everything is worth the fight or the attention.

      Only change what you know you can. Provide guidance for the other things.