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Jaguars Manifesting Academic Success this Semester

With the new year, comes a new semester and new classes. Novel experiences can be exciting and sometimes stressful, though Governors State University (GSU) students are not letting new challenges discourage them from manifesting their academic success this semester. 

Lynette Thigpen

Second semester Communication, Media, and Performance graduate student Lynette Thigpen stretches herself with the beginning of each academic term. “Every semester, I participated in something that is slightly different and out of my comfort zone. This semester I’m working with career services to help me discover opportunities in a variety of fields that are available to me.”My'Anna Perdue

Freshman Psychology major My'Anna Perdue’s first conversation with GSU President Dr. Green inspired her to start and continue to take steps to be high achieving, beginning with planning and discipline. “Creating an honest schedule that balances your schoolwork and extracurricular activities is key to having a smooth school year. Discipline will get you results when motivation burns out. 

"Manifesting academic success isn’t just about saying you’ll get good grades. But it is saying, believing, and doing the work to be a high achieving student here at Governors State University.”

Lluvia Hernandez AguirreOrganization is helpful to senior Business Administration major Lluvia Hernandez Aguirre, GSU’s Board of Trustees Student Representative. “I organize and keep the notes for each class in a separate notebook and folder, and within each notebook, I organize my notes by chapter and color code everything. I also keep a planner where I color code assignments and due dates by class. It helps a lot with managing my time and reducing stress that may come from not knowing what is coming up.” Rachel Beckmann

Planning is key, too for graduate student, Rachel Beckmann. “As a first-year graduate student in the Communication, Media, & Performance program, I am manifesting academic success by compartmentalizing my academic and personal responsibilities for a typical week in Google Calendar to visually organize and manage my time. I also am asking my professors for the syllabus and course materials in advance to get class ready.”

Lorraine SeluckySenior Business Administration Marketing major Lorraine Selucky, is keeping her future in mind with her course choices this semester.  “I’m manifesting academic success this semester by taking courses that allow me to expand on my interests. This semester I get to take MKTG 4800 – Independent Study, which will allow me to explore, research, and theorize marketing techniques that I find interesting. I’m planning on presenting my work during Research Day in April.” 

Lorraine is also making connections with faculty in her program. “Many of them have prior experience in the field that they currently teach in, and offer great advice that I can use now, and after graduation.” 

Maya SheltonGraduate student Maya Shelton is entering her third semester at GSU and is manifesting academic success by staying committed to pursuing her master’s degree in Communication, Media, and Performance. “My current studies in this degree program, as well as my degree in Theatre and Performance Studies, heavily influence my work as the Marketing and Events Coordinator at the Center for Performing Arts.”

There are many ways to manifest success at GSU, so good luck Jaguars on your academic journey!