University Park IL,
15:27 PM

Humans of GSU: Peter Brassea

"Upon my enrollment at Governors State University (GSU), I realized the university cares deeply for its students, surrounding communities, and less fortunate populations around the world. As someone who loves to provide help to people in need, GSU continues to support my philanthropy in multiple ways.

Recently, I traveled to Ghana with fellow students and GSU faculty to install bile digestors and toilets for households that did not have them. I was extremely fortunate to participate in such a fulfilling opportunity that improved the lives of people who lack privileges other communities enjoy.

After I graduate, I plan on utilizing everything my instructors and peers at GSU taught me to help people on a domestic level. As a Social Work major, I want to educate and empower at-risk youth, so they can understand their dreams will come true with the appropriate amount of support and self-determination."

Peter Brassea, DDP, Social Work, #HumansOfGSU