University Park, IL,
14:18 PM

Humans of GSU: Nechawn Johnson

“Although I initially came to Governors State University to be closer to my parents, I quickly learned that GSU offers so much more. What I love most about it, is the focus on inclusion and diversity. I have three younger brothers with Autism; therefore, my success at GSU has been imperative to their growth as well. Being able to pursue my dreams at GSU inspires my brothers to realize they can accomplish their goals, too.

As a graduate student in the Communication program, I plan on using the knowledge I gain to pass onto others. My purpose is to use my voice to nurture people across the world. This is why I am in media. I want to discuss personal and social issues to help everyone I can, whether that be as a TV news anchor or a content creator for YouTube. All humans bear knowledge; for this reason, I aspire to be like GSU and share the information I possess with the world.”

Nechawn Johnson, Graduate Student, Communication, #HumansOfGSU