University Park, IL,
14:19 PM

Humans of GSU: Lester Van Moody

“Since my arrival, the personable and intimate atmosphere of GSU has impressed me the most about the school. Faculty and staff are always available to lend a hand and the ability to advance as an individual is always present.

At GSU, I hold positions as a student ambassador, math tutor, and student representative for the Board of Trustees. These jobs enhance my personal, professional, and academic development, as well as allow me to pass on the knowledge I acquire to other students. Being able to grow as a person and contribute to the success of others is one of the many privileges of attending GSU.

The opportunities, guidance, and support GSU provides helps me evolve as a leader. My professors from the Business Administration program teach me the skills I need to excel in the field of finance. Once I graduate, I look forward to applying my experiences at GSU to assist people with their ability to save money as a certified financial planner, in order to continue being a guiding voice for individuals outside of academia.”

Lester Van Moody, Senior, Business Administration, #HumansOfGSU