University Park, IL,
14:51 PM

Humans of GSU: Kendall Paris

"Before transferring to Governors State University in 2017, I hadn't golfed in over three years, and I missed it. 

When I came to GSU to study Communication Disorders, I reached out to Coach Haines and was lucky to not only get a spot on the team, but to also earn a scholarship to help continue my education. Today, I'm the top-ranked women's golfer on the team. GSU has opened many doors both on and off the course. I have met some incredible teammates, coaches, and professors in my short time here. 

I had not previously heard of National Golf Lover's Day, but I will definitely be celebrating now. My dad instilled the love of the game in me so I was lucky that way. 

I have played the game since I could walk and have been a caddy at Flossmoor Country Club since I was fourteen years old.  I hope this day helps to promote golf and all that it has to offer. It is an incredible game that can be enjoyed with friends, family, in collegiate competition, and in business.

Golf is a sport for life,and GSU has helped me to renew my love for the game."

— Kendall Paris, Senior, Communication Disorders, #HumansOfGSU