University Park, IL,
09:09 AM

Humans of GSU: Keith Briggs

"I’ve worked in facilities at Governors State University (GSU) for 22 years. My wife and I were newlyweds and she was getting her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education  at GSU when she saw the job posting. I came in to interview and the rest is history. When I started here we had no kids, and now we have seven. A lot has changed.

I’ve been singing in church all my life, I was a recording artist for a while, and I’ve sung in various groups. Everyone at Governors State found out about my singing through the holiday shows where employees would sing and dance. Now, I sing here all the time, like the caroling at the holiday parties, and at the Employee Recognition event. A lot of people enjoy it."

––Keith Briggs, Facilities, #HumansofGSU