University Park, IL,
14:00 PM

Humans of GSU: Justin Marcinkowski

“I am Justin Marcinkowski and I am majoring in Business and Applied Science at Governors State University while working in the healthcare industry as an in-patient transporter. Juggling both of those is hard, but each has their own reward. On top of that, I am getting married this year so, to say it has been an eventful year already is putting it lightly.

"This semester has been very different and challenging for me. I always said to people I would never take an online class. I get too distracted and wouldn’t focus. However, with the 2020 spring semester, I had no choice and to add to that, it was my last semester before I graduate. Now the real pressure was on. So, here I am in my room taking the last couple classes before I graduate. I feel that I am handling it really well. School was always challenging for me, so this is a new challenge for me that I feel I need to overcome. I am proud to say that I am staying focused and so very close to reaching my goals.”

––Justin Marcinkowski, Senior, Business and Applied Science, #HumansofGSU