Chicago, IL,
09:38 PM

Humans of GSU: Imagine Nayak

Imagine Nayak, Humans of GSU

"My dad wanted me to become a doctor, or at least go to grad school. I always knew I wanted to become a businesswoman, so I decided to study Management Information System at Governors State University. Coming to the U.S. from Bhubaneswar, India, I knew the adjustment would not be easy. Just as I was getting acclimated to U.S. culture and the Chicago weather, I lost my father to cancer. I took a semester off to go back to India with my family. Returning to the U.S. was tough, but I was determined to finish grad school in honor of my dad. With the help of my friends and adviser, who were very supportive, I was able to get into the swing of things. I am now only months away from completing my graduate program."

— Imagine Nayak, Management Information System, #HumansOfGSU