University Park, IL,
13:00 PM

Humans of GSU: Graciano Santos

"Personally, I’ve always seen academics as a priority, and athletics as a privilege. It’s important to me to maintain a 4.0 GPA while participating in sports not only for myself, but to show others that it is very much possible. I want to do my part to help eliminate the stigma that athletes are not great students.

This semester at GSU, I had an interesting role as a grad student and a veteran player on the soccer team. Joining the new men’s program at GSU, it was important for me to be the example. I wanted to help our coach and team set the standard for years to come.GSU has supported me as a student athlete since day one. From my coaches, to my professors and to the people in admissions, everyone at GSU has made my time here as comfortable as possible. GSU staff is not afraid to go the extra mile for you and they really do care about you. I’m really glad I was able to be a part of the inaugural year for the men’s soccer program."

–– Graciano Santos, Graduate Student, #HumansofGSU