University Park, IL,
10:12 AM

Humans of GSU: Elizabeth Neris

“I presented at my first major conference recently, the Sigma Tau Delta Western Conference, as a Graduate student in the English program. It was a great experience that made me appreciate Governors State University so much. We have a really strong cohort in English supported by strong professors.

I would have never even considered presenting at a conference as a student if Dr. White hadn’t advised me to apply. That’s what the professors here do; they line you up with those opportunities. You can experience a lot of imposter syndrome in graduate school, where you wonder ‘Am I good enough to be here?’ and the concept of rejection is terrifying. To be supported by my professors and fellow students, and then be given the opportunity to present at a conference is so reaffirming that I’m on the right path. That’s why I love it here.”

––Elizabeth Neris, Graduate Student, English #HumansofGSU