University Park, IL,
15:07 PM

Humans of GSU: Dwaylon Bledsoe

“I am a motivated and driven man of God. In my time at Governors State University, I have been involved in a number of student organizations such as Young Christian Disciples and the Black Student Union. By being involved on campus, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and enjoy growing as a leader in both my academic and professional journey.

I am pursuing my master's in analytical chemistry as I am looking to teach at the college level. I have turned my passion into a writing and editing business called Aspire Creative, LLC, as well as a digital media business called Bledsoe Media, LLC. I am following my dreams and doing what’s best for me in my life, striving and aspiring to greatness.

It is important to celebrate Black History Month as a way of remembering important events and celebrating people who have paved the way and opened doors. To me, my culture is about never giving up and pressing forward regardless of the challenges we face.”

--Dwaylon Bledsoe, Graduate Student, Analytical Chemistry, #HumansofGSU