University Park, IL,
10:00 AM

Humans of GSU: Bobby Buckley

“While I was growing up, I had the privilege of receiving assistance from many people. The generosity of those kind-hearted individuals propelled my life in the right direction. As a shuttle bus driver for Governors State University (GSU), it’s like I am giving back to the same community that helped me through tough moments. By ensuring GSU students are arriving at their destinations in a punctual manner, I feel that I am making a vital contribution to their lives.

Since I came to GSU five years ago, I have rarely taken a day off; because of this, I have built a reputation amongst my peers as a loyal and resilient employee. Although I appreciate these accolades, I attribute a bulk of my success to the excellent leadership of GSU’s Department of Public Safety. Everyone in our department puts forth their best effort, which creates an inspiring work environment that provides me with the opportunity to do my best.”

—Bobby Buckley, Campus Transportation Operator, Department of Public Safety, #HumansOfGSU