University Park, IL,
16:22 PM

Humans of GSU: Ann Wisch

“It’s about preventing illness before it happens, not just treating it when it does. That’s what I want to help people with. I could never sit behind a desk all day. I need to be with people, to help them, and especially to educate them. By teaching others to understand what’s going on in their own bodies, they will know the telltale signs of illness and fix it before it becomes a problem. That’s what will make a difference.

I work full-time, go to school, and I’m a single mom. My daughter is with me on campus today, actually. I lean on my family a lot to balance it all. There’s a lot of us at Governors State University who work and raise families on our own. I know, I’ve read the statistics. We’re all here for the opportunity to do something better.”

––Ann Wisch, Graduate Student, Nursing, #HumansofGSU