University Park, IL,
10:00 AM

Humans of GSU: Amber Wood

“When I went to Ghana on a service-learning trip with Governors State University it was my first time out of the country. The idea to travel was always in my head, but when the opportunity to go to Ghana and work with Global Health Brigades was introduced to me in class, it felt like studying abroad was actually possible. It felt like a calling. Now the entire experience is helping me navigate.

After the trip I became the Study Abroad Assistant. I thought the experience I had at GSU would really help encourage other people to do the same. Beause I understand the problems that keep people from traveling and I can actually show students, “Look, this is what I did!” I try to relate back what I learned in Ghana to how it’s applicable to what I’m learning now. I’m still learning from it, even though I’m not on the trip anymore. I will always be learning from it.”

-Amber Wood, Senior, Social Work #HumansofGSU