University Park, IL,
10:01 AM

Humans of GSU: Aaron West

“Initially, I was apprehensive about applying at Governors State University (GSU). At my previous school, one of my instructors suggested that I go to a larger university  that offered more programs to support and fulfill my aspirations; however, this assumption was quickly proven false. While researching the institution, I discovered that GSU had an Environmental Biology program—my dream subject—and an enthusiastic staff of employees ready to assist me in accomplishing my goals. Because of this nurturing environment, I evolved from an anxious prospective student to a proud leader at GSU.

Currently, I am completing my Bachelor of Science in Biology, which I will receive in May 2020. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I plan on pursuing my master’s degree. Over the course of my graduate program, I want to study the effects of plastic material in soil to determine how it negatively impacts plants, as well as uncover methods of preventing its presence in the environment. At GSU, I found my desire to empower the Earth."

—Aaron West, Senior, Biology, #HumansOfGSU