University Park, IL,
15:06 PM

GSU Grad Uses Training for UPS

Aaron J. Davis, a GSU graduate student and a UPS training supervisor, was recently featured by the package delivery company for creating a training video to help onboard new employees working a sunrise shift.

UPS was having trouble retaining new hires who quit their labor-intensive position shortly after beginning because they didn’t understand the scope of the work in the Chicago Area Consolidation Hub.

Employment Manager Walter Barrett said the Davis’ training video gave new hires a more realistic perspective of the work. “They hear the bells, the sound level. They see the job. It gives them a better idea of what to expect as a loader or an unloader,” he said.

Davis joined UPS five years ago as part of the Chicagoland Regional College Program which partners with GSU and other colleges and university to offer part-time employment and tuition support. He was pursuing his undergraduate degree at GSU and soon begin using his skills to help UPS meet training goals.Today, Davis is studying film in the GSU Master of Fine Arts program. 

“Aaron Davis is a testament to the work we are doing with liberal arts majors at GSU and the success of the Chicagoland Regional College Program, said Darcie Campos, GSU Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs and Director, Career Services.