University Park, IL,
05:53 AM

GSU Alumna Paige Cianciolo Featured on WGN

Paige Cianciolo

Paige Cianciolo (’20), a Speech Language Pathologist and Governors State University (GSU) alumna, was recently featured on WGN news in a story to bring awareness to speech, language and social delays children may experience due to the pandemic’s safety protocols. 

While working at an outpatient pediatric clinic, Cianciolo was approached by a parent who worked at WGN about contributing to the story since she was pleased with her child’s progress during a few months of therapy. “I was able to use my clinical skills to provide parent resources and parent coaching strategies to help increase social language skills in the home environment,” Cianciolo said. “I'm happy to say my client made great progress in speech therapy and the mother was very thankful that it gave her child the skills to communicate more effectively with her peers and family at school and at home.”

Cianciolo credits her skills to training she received from GSU's College of Health and Human Services where faculty also guided and mentored her. “My professors were wonderful role models that I’ll always be thankful for. They were wonderful Speech-Language Pathologists that gave me great knowledge to do the work I do today!” 

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