University Park, IL,
14:20 PM

Graduation Cap Design Contest Winners

With 11 entries and more than 800 votes, the winning graduation caps reflect perseverance and heart.

Communications graduate Diana Chapa took first place with 354 votes.  Her cap was inspried by the Mexican card game Loteria.

"The cards drawn on my graduation cap were replaced with images of scenarios that I’ve experienced throughout my college career to represent my journey. This cap is even more special to me because I was able to do it with my brother who is my inspiration in life," Chapa said.






Second place winner Angela Miller's Beyonce-inspired cap captured 244 votes. It not only relates to her newly earned degree in the Business Administration program with a specialization in Finance, but is also "a sneak peak into my future endeavors. Stay tuned."













Rianna Lashaun Gray Thompson, a Business Administration graduate with a concentration in Management Information Systems, achieved third place with her cap which she decorated to celebrate her acheivements despite the pandemic.

 "The quote I used on my cap 'Always Stay Gracious Best Revenge Is Your Paper' is very special to me. Paper meaning my degree, money, and just simply leveling up in life," Thompson explained. 







Early Childhood Education graduate Kathy Keblusek took fourth with her cap, which she said symbolizes the final chapter in earning her degree--a step closer towards her dreams of becoming a teacher. "This is something I always looked forward to doing. I decorated my cap the way I did because it shows a little bit of what I love," she said.


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