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Graduate Profile: Using Digital Tools to Make a Real World Impact

The show must go on. Stay consistent, don’t give up.

For Derron Jackson the world of computer science is a world of opportunity.

Graduating this spring with his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Governors State University, Jackson is transferring the skills he learned at GSU and through his internship with a Fortune 500 company to his new job with Ford Motor Company as a Software Engineer.

GSU Newsroom: What brought you to GSU?

Jackson: I transferred to Governors State through the Dual Degree Program from City Colleges of Chicago Kennedy-King in fall of 2019.

I knew computer science was a rapidly growing field. I was always into technology and computer science teaches you about the different fields within it. I love to problem solve through code, which can have real-world impact. Governors State was an affordable option.

GSU Newsroom: What are some of the highlights from your time at GSU?

Jackson: The time I became vice president of the GSU Drone Engineering team. I wanted to educate people in tech and show the cool opportunities you can branch into like the autonomous drone industry.

I also did an internship with Fiat Chrysler Automotive in the summer of 2020 where I managed a data catalog from the Microsoft Azure cloud with data scientists and engineers. 

GSU Newsroom: Who were some of the professors who shaped your experience and your future?

Jackson: Professor Freddie Kato, Neng-Shin Chen, and Aslam (Sam) Shahid. They always pushed me to the limit, and I loved their advice from their IT career experience.

GSU Newsroom: What's next after graduation?

Jackson: I will be starting my full-time position at Ford Motors as a software engineer and will be pursuing my master’s degree in business administration. I also want to mentor others that have struggles and want to overcome obstacles.  My own experiences through the Male Success Initiative Program at Governors State really inspired me.

GSU Newsroom: What advice would you give GSU students?

Jackson: The show must go on. Stay consistent, don’t give up.