University Park, IL,
16:30 PM

Governors State receives ComEd Arts grant



(University Park, Ill.) – Governors State University’s Center for Performing Arts has been awarded a $10,000 Powering the Arts grant from ComEd and League of Chicago Theatres.

ComEd, partnered with the League of Chicago Theatres, created the Powering the Arts program to reach audiences that have had limited access to cultural offerings. The grant supports the efforts of cultural institutions in northern Illinois who share the goal of reaching new and diverse audiences.

The Center for Performing Arts plans to use the grant to promote “Sugar Skull!,'' coming in October, and the Muntu and Deeply Rooted dance companies’ performance, set for a February showing.

“Sugar Skull! A Día de Muertos Musical Adventure” is a touring bilingual/bicultural musical that uses traditional music and dance from Mexico to tell the story of  12-year-old Vita Flores.

Muntu and Deeply Rooted are two Chicago-based companies that will showcase authentic and progressive interpretations of contemporary and ancient African and African American dance, music and storytelling.

“I’m really excited about this for Sugar Skull and Muntu, which are generational stories. I always get really excited when we get shows that bring out the kids, the parents and the grandkids. My grandmother introduced me to theater,” said Jane Cox, CPA Cultural Marketing Director, on the productions. 

Lauren Healy, Cultural Development Officer, shared similar sentiments. “We want to create family traditions and memories. We want to be that place where people are coming to create memories.”

Contact: Zion Banks