University Park, IL,
11:26 AM

Governors State student inspires revolutionary leadership

A former Marine "Rocky" Caylor now leads Cadence Premier Logistics

An older gentleman speaking at an alumni event

A former U.S. Marine, retired UPS manager and entrepreneur Richard “Rocky” Caylor recently talked with Governors State University (GovState) faculty, staff and supporters about developing leaders during an alumni event hosted by the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD).

The dinner was part of a weeklong Homecoming celebration that welcomed back alumni with exciting events such as a pep rally and the Celebration of Gospel show at the university’s Center for Performing Arts. CEHD also participated in the family fun fair by giving away sweet treats and children’s books.

Caylor’s emotional presentation of personal anecdotes provided lessons that not only shaped his own leadership style, but also his guiding principles, which he summed up as “adapt and overcome.”

“Everything I needed to be an effective leader and to develop great leaders I learned in the U.S. Marines, starting in boot camp, MCRD San Diego,” Caylor told about 50 people gathered to hear about his inspiring career journey.

After high school, Caylor joined the U.S. Marines and served until 1981. He then went on to work for UPS as a high-level investigator. He retired and began pursuing Caylor Consulting, established in 2004, and now leads a family of companies led by Cadence Premier Logistics.

In 2023, Caylor enrolled at GovState as an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDSS) student. The program gives students academic credit for life experiences and employment.

Provost Beverly Schneller said Caylor was a natural choice to celebrate the CEHD’s theme of revolutionary leadership. Moved by Caylor’s story, Schneller encouraged others to share as a means of making a societal impact.

“Hearing stories and personal narratives are great ways to get to know people and great ways to connect … We have the opportunity to model our stories and to affect change through revolutionary ideas.”