University Park, IL,
11:13 AM

Governors State Offers New Human Resources Advanced Degree

Everyday technology is advancing all around, but the heart of any organization’s success is the people, and Human Resource (HR) professionals are essential to finding the best talent.

Governors State University’s Master of Science Human Resource Management degree was recently created with highly motivated and hard-working students in mind. Successful applicants want to lead the management of Human Resources and facilitate organizational change across a range of HR functions.

Stephen Wagner, Professor of Management in the GSU College of Business (COB), along with other professors, saw an opening in the HR landscape and moved to fill it.

What they saw was a greater need for specialization in training and created a new curriculum to align with the guidelines of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the largest Human Resources industry professional association.

Wagner said ever-changing technology has re-shaped how businesses find talent.

“Information technology has provided us with more data and become key to assessing if we achieving the goals that we want to achieve.'' he said. “The technology has become important in terms of how we execute core functions—like recruiting and hiring, and can create competitive advantages or disadvantages in terms of your ability to execute your core functions. We’re competing for talents, and if we’re not doing a good job screening or getting to top candidates in a timely way, other organizations have competitive advantages.’’

Whether taking courses in this program in a traditional classroom setting or online/hybrid manner, students will be provided with the same in-depth understanding taught in a highly-interactive environment, unlocking unlimited access to knowledge and skills vital to success.

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