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Governors State developing relationships in Panama

Governors State University (GovState) is making connections abroad, this time in Panama. 

In a previous visit in August, Dr. Carlos Ferran represented GovState at Universidad de Panama (University of Panama), where he delivered a lecture on Practical Elements for the Development of High-Quality Online Education. E-learning is an important form of education, especially in the past few years, and GovState has been at the forefront of innovative education delivery methods.

Dr. Carlos Ferran at University of Panama

Dr. Carlos Ferran (center) with 

University of Panama leadership, 

faculty, and students

Dr. Ferran has played a crucial role in helping GovState with its online education as he introduced Quality Matters (QM), a program for ensuring quality in online education, first to the College of Business (COB) and later university wide. His commitment to high-quality online education - and exploring new and innovative methods of delivering it - has shown through his efforts on and off campus.

Now, GovState is heading back to Panama. Reggie Greenwood, Director of the Supply Chain Innovation Center and Business Incubator (SCICBI), has been invited by Mi-Jack, an industry leader and innovator in crane manufacturing, sales, service and support, to attend the TOC Americas Conference for the Port & Container Supply Chain Community in October.

“As the world's supply chains are readjusting, Panama has a key role in worldwide logistics. Attending the renowned conference will enable us to connect to key partners in this changing logistics environment,” said Greenwood.

Reggie Greenwood
Reggie Greenwood

While in Panama, Greenwood has plans to visit a research center, where he will meet with their team to explore the possibility of their organization and GovState’s SCICBI fostering a relationship built on sharing ideas and logistics projects. 

Greenwood's trip to Panama follows GovState's COB receiving one of the first ever National Science Foundation's Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) awards to lead the Advancing Smart Logistics (ASL) team in an effort to lay the foundation to make Illinois one of the nation's most advanced transportation and logistics hubs.

With the support of the grant, GovState's SCICBI is working to develop technologies that would be used by professions in inland ports and distribution centers. The TOC Americas Conference presents a valuable opportunity for the SCICBI to learn about subjects relevant to their current project.