University Park, IL,
20:05 PM

Giving Tuesday set for Nov. 28

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Generosity is at the heart of the Giving Tuesday, and we want you to pour into your passion – for selfish reasons. On Giving Tuesday 2023 (Nov. 28), give to Governors State University (GovState), and create real change in your community.

Now a global event that generated $3.1 billion in donations last year, Giving Tuesday started in 2012 at the 92nd Street YMCA/WCA in New York. The level of generosity speaks to the belief that our gifts effect real change in our world, and in our communities.

Our data show us the majority of GovState graduates live and work the surrounding schools, hospitals and government entities so your donation, regardless of the amount, helps the support the community you call your own.

Beyond the sustaining your community, giving back is good for your health and well-being, according to dozens of studies. Consider that feeling that comes over you when you buy a candy bar from the neighthood children or drop coins in the red bucket outside the grocery store around the holidays. The burst of dopamine boosts your mood - and helps those in need.

The GSU Foundation also fills a need with your tax-deductible donations. Initiatives to  promote student success, faculty research and facility improvements promotes growth, innovation, and greater vitality across the university, and, by extension the local region.

Your generosity funds future generations through the vehicle of Governors State University. Thank you for partnering with us on this Giving Tuesday. Click here to donate.