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Getting hands-on experience

Graduate Profile: Andres Cornejo

Andres Cornejo

Slated to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration and Management, Andres Cornejo is one of many Governors State University (GSU) students who received valuable hands-on experience as a student worker. 

He describes his time as a social media coordinator for the Department of Marketing and Communication as one of the most impactful experiences he’s had at GSU. Post graduation, he’ll be expanding on what he’s learned in that role as a graduate student in GSU’s Master of Business Administration program. 

GSU Newsroom: What drew you to GSU?

Cornejo: I was drawn to GSU for its affordable tuition and close proximity to home. I knew it was the next step in continuing my education.

GSU Newsroom: What conversation(s) that started at GSU will you continue into your workplace?

Cornejo: It can be easy to want to “follow a format” to succeed. While everyone works hard to improve the lives of others, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the flowers. Along with important responsibilities, come beautiful people -- each with their own loved ones, hobbies, and dreams. This glimpse into the hearts of others has been planted at Governors State, and I plan to let it flourish everywhere I go afterwards.

GSU Newsroom:  What does being a Jaguar mean to you?

Cornejo: Being a Jaguar means having the courage to pave a better future for myself. Although life does not slow down, we will be Jaguars forever. Through peaks and valleys, there will be a community that always accepts us with open arms. Jaguars are selfless. A Jaguar shares their success and lessons learned from mistakes to enrich the lives of others.

GSU Newsroom: What are your top two experiences (or professors) at GSU and why?

Cornejo: One of the most impactful experiences at GSU has been during my time as a student worker in the Department of Marketing and Communication. As a student worker I have had the opportunity to be more involved in the university and explore different applications of my skill set. Also, during a global marketing course, I had the opportunity to consult with a top firm in Brazil to solve a problem for them. I had the opportunity to not only connect with students from GSU, but students from a local university in Brazil too. It was a great experience to conduct research on foreign markets.

GSU Newsroom: What were some challenges at GSU and how did the university help you to overcome them?

Cornejo: One of the challenges I have faced is really getting back into a social environment after being remote for so long. The events the university hosts gives me an opportunity to get out of the house and network with the GSU community.

GSU Newsroom:    How did GSU prepare you for working in the post-COVID world?

Cornejo: I am more prepared for the time management required.

GSU Newsroom: What’s next after graduation?

Cornejo: After graduation, I will be entering my first semester as a graduate student in GSU's Master of Business Administration program. During this program, I aim to take on new challenges that allow me to continue to develop the skills necessary to become a successful business professional.