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15:56 PM

Family Development Center book drive supports love of learning

Family Development Center staff and kids handing out cookies for book drive

Encouraging imagination and creativity, says Governors State University (GovState) Provost Beverly Schneller, is what's so important about reading and why the Family Development Center (FDC) is hosting a book drive this month for the second year in a row to foster Junior Jaguars' love for reading.

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), the FDC book drive seeks to collect books and arts and crafts supplies for the FDC children, who are endlessly curious and creative.

Reading or being read to are not only important for cognitive development, but also for encouraging the imagination and creativity," said Provost Schneller, who looks forward to partnering with CEHD again. "I hope we can contribute to the well-being and futures of many young people through this event.”

CEHD Dean Shannon Dermer is equally invested in the well-being of children and promoting a lifelong love of learning within them, just like the FDC seeks to do through their programs, which are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

“It is always a priority for the College of Education and Human Development to encourage a passion for reading,” said Dermer. “Reading is a fundamental way to support cognitive development, and improve language skills; it increases the likelihood of academic success, and ignites their creativity.”

Erin Soto, Executive Director of the FDC, adds that the drive helps ensure that there are enough books to support the children's love for reading, who can often be found reading throughout the day or right before nap time.

It (children reading often) means that books quickly become tattered and worn and frequently need to be replaced,” said Soto. “New books allow us to keep stoking the fires of the children’s love for reading and we are so grateful to all the wonderful people who donate.”

This year, there are several ways that people can donate to the FDC and Junior Jaguars.

Monetary donations can be made on the FDC’s book drive page. Donation boxes for books and art supplies can be found on the first floor of the G Building, first floor of the D building near the main elevator, and the second floor of the D Building just outside the library. These boxes will be out thru Feb. 14.

Donations can also be made using the FDC's curated list of books and supplies on Amazon. Just visit the FDC's wish list and your order will be sent straight to the FDC.

Also on Feb. 14, some children from the FDC will be in the Hall of Governors handing out cookies to thank everyone for donating.