University Park, IL,
13:38 PM

Dear Military-Connected Graduates

The Veterans Resource Center Team salutes you – well done!

--Kevin Smith, Director, Veterans Affairs

Dear Military-Connected Graduates,

The time has come to recognize and celebrate the completion of your degree. You are  among more than two million veterans who made the additional sacrifice to attend college under the Post-911 GI Bill era (2009 – present). Whether you were full-time, part-time, an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student, you have been part of the on-campus camaraderie that has provided inspiration and leadership for all students at GSU! 

Now your newly acquired skills derived from your degree path, combined with your military training and leadership skills, equip you to make a significant impact in your community and the world. Today, more than ever, we need strong and disciplined leadership. Take your military experience and your GSU degree and march into the future with confidence, passion, and compassion. The Veterans Resource Center Team salutes you – well done!



Kevin Smith,

Director, Veterans Program