University Park, IL,
17:07 PM

College of Education Children’s Book to Turn Dreams to Careers

Inspiring children and assuring them their dreams and aspirations are possible is the mission of the College of Education and the Family Development Center (FDC). The College of Education has recently released a children’s book, "Here, you are the Future!" which aims to show the young readers all the careers that are possible through an education at Governors State University.

The book, which features students from the FDC alongside the cartoon versions of themselves, shows children fulfilling their personal dreams, whether that be creating art like the pieces in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park or studying to be a zoologist in the biology labs at GSU.

Dean of the College of Education Shannon Dermer says the book should help to set students up for a successful and fufilling future.

“At GSU, and many institutions of higher learning, our goal is to make the passions and dreams of children become the reality of adults. When we were children we were all about imagination, curiosity, passion, fun, and finding things that are meaningful to us. Careers are partly about financial stability, but the happiest people are the ones who build careers around experiences and ideas they are enthusiastic about,” Dr. Dermer explains.

Copies of the book will be donated to local schools and libraries for children to enjoy and soon the book will be available for everyone through a donation to the College of Education. Dermer hopes that page-by-page, the readers will start visualizing their futures. 

“One of the goals of preschool through higher education is to link people’s imaginations to actual career paths. This book, in a fun way, takes the play world of children and connects them to possible majors and careers,” said Dermer.

Check here for upcoming information on how to secure a copy of Here, you are the Future!