University Park, IL,
15:35 PM

Celebrating outstanding women on campus

By Sarah Shoaf, Staff Writer

This Women’s History Month, Governors State University’s (GovState) newsroom is shining a spotlight on some of the outstanding women filling the ranks of the university’s students and the passions they’re following. In addition to pursuing their degree, a goal worth celebrating all its own, these students see the sky as the limit with their goals taking on all sizes and timelines.

Headshot of a smiling woman wearing a teal shirtA student in the Masters of Science in Business Analytics program, Nordia Bryant is immersing herself into her studies and taking the steps needed to best position herself for opportunities to grow, all while helping others achieve their goals, a way of paying forward the growth she’s experienced.

Having experienced exceptional growth from investing in her personal and professional development, Nordia continues to set new goals for herself.

“My short-term goal is to secure a director level position within the next two years. Long term, and preferably with my current employer, I would like to become a key influencer in hospital strategy and analytics,” said Nordia. “Strategic planning and data analytics excite me! Ideally, I would love to secure a position that combines the two.”

Headshot of a smiling woman outdoors on a bridgeIsabella Reyes, a graduate student in the Communication, Media, and Performance program, loves studying human connection, especially the interpersonal relationships of friends, family, and romantic partners. Faced with the question of her current goals, Isabella is leaving them open to change.

“Big question for me as I finish my master’s this summer. I have a lot of possibilities in front of me so my goal is to give myself a break and take the time to think about what I would like to do,” said Isabella. “Whether pursuing employment at local colleges, a Ph.D., or another M.A., my goal is to feel confident in my next move and trust in the journey.”

A woman in a black evening dress smiling for a photoLike Isabella, Brygette R. Kunde is a graduate student in the Communication, Media, and Performance program at GovState. Feeling the excitement that comes with graduating this year, Brygette also hopes to inspire others to follow their interests.

“My goals have varied from day to day, but currently I am working towards finishing my thesis and getting ready for graduation!” said Brygette. “My long-term goal is to become an educator and to inspire women who look like me along the way to achieve their own goals.”

Headshot of a smiling womanAlso in the realm of Communications, Megan Sullivan, a student with a concentration in strategic communication, looks to investigate entertainment and media through the lens of strategic communication. Then, she plans to hone her skills and knowledge to work in marketing and advertising with those who have disabilities.

Outside of class, Megan has done volunteer work for special Olympics, raising money for the organization for most of her life since her sister has Down syndrome.

“It would be a full circle moment to work for them (special Olympics),” said Megan.