University Park, IL,
14:14 PM

Celebrating our 2021 Graduates

2021 Gradautes

Celebrate Commencement 2021 with us on social! Use our frames, gifs, and use the hashtag #GovStateGrad to be featured on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Here are a few fun ideas:

- Add a Celebratory Facebook Frames

Visit the Change Your Profile Picture Facebook page 

  • Search for "Governors State University" 
  • Select a frame, position and scale it 
  • Click "Use as Profile Picture" and you're all set! 

-Add a GIF to your Instagram Story 

  • Take a selfie in your cap and gown and add a GSU Graduation gif
  • Search for “GovStateGrad” to add a gif to your IG story 

-Do a celebratory dance on TikTok

  • Use the green screen effect on TikTok to celebrate
  • Choose a GSU photo and throw your cap in the air 
  • You can find photos to use of the university on our Instagram highlights

-Update your Bio 

You’re an alum now!

Add #GovStateGrad to your Instagram and Twitter bios to showcase your hard work and your alma mater.