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13:10 PM

C200 Women's Reachout Conference Comes to GSU

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University Park, IL, October 11, 2017: The GSU Foundation, Student Life, and the College of Business will be partnering with C200 to host their Reachout women’s conference at Governors State University on Friday, October 20.

C200 is a U.S.-based international community of the most successful women in business, representing companies with more than $1.2 trillion in combined revenue and employing more than 2.5 million people. The organization, founded in 1987, aims “to channel the power, intellect and expertise of C200 members to support and encourage the development of future women business leaders worldwide.” This one-day conference with women business leaders from different professions and backgrounds provides an exclusive opportunity for attendees to connect with corporate executives from C200.

In addition, C200 will award three $5,000 scholarships to outstanding women students at GSU who exemplify extraordinary leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to supporting other women.

Governors State President Elaine P. Maimon expressed her excitement about the upcoming conference. “I was absolutely delighted when I found out C200 reached out to GSU. I participated in a C200 event last year, and events like these really benefit the women students who participate. And, the fact that only our students have the opportunity to compete for the scholarships is extraordinary.”

The C200 Reachout conference is designed to inspire and motivate women who are looking to become leaders. It offers a great opportunity for all women to network and for students to connect with mentors. C200 member Ana Dutra, who also serves as the President and CEO at The Executives’ Club of Chicago and Chair of GSU’s Executive Advisory Board, was instrumental in bringing this women’s leadership conference to Governors State.

“I have been fortunate enough to have impactful female mentors and mentees in my life, and I view the conference as a great way to develop those relationships.” Dutra said.

This is a free event, and lunch will be provided. Learn more about the Women of C200 at


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