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15:48 PM

5 Reasons to Take a Class (or two) this Summer

This summer you can get one step closer to graduation and still have time for yourself by taking a class at GSU.

Our flexible summer schedule accommodates your need to work– and your need to enjoy a summer break by offering daytime and evening classes. You can even save more time by taking one of our many Online Classes this summer. Need more reasons to register summer school? We’ve got 5!


1.  Get ahead or catch up

Summer is the best time to fulfill general education course requirements. Take your math, English, or science gen. ed. class this summer, instead of in the fall or spring, when you'll be juggling three or four other classes.


2.  Focus on a challenging class

Say aloud the name of the one class that makes you shiver. Register for that class now and conquer your fear this summer while you have both the time to study and enjoy the sun!


3.  The summer semester goes by fast

GSU’s summer session is FOUR weeks shorter than its spring and fall semesters. While you will need to stay on top of your coursework, class will be over before you know it!


4.  Classes are smaller and more relaxed

Fewer students attend school during the summer. This offers you more time with your professor to ask questions, get extra help, and dig deeper.


5.  You’ll save money

Tuition rates increases for graduate students and students new to GSU this fall. Taking a class or two this summer before the increase will save you money.