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10:11 AM

17 Things To Do Before You Graduate from GSU

Ready, set...DON'T GO--until you do these things. That's right, Class of '17. We have 17 things for you to do at Governors State University before you graduate.  Let's go!













One last time. Sit wherever you want and kick up your feet and read the Phoenix. You're a graduate. Own it.













Who's your favorite? Is it Richard Yates? Governor Oglesby? Get your mug up there and selfie away.













Visit GSU's world-class theater one last time before you go.













If you come in the main entrance, then you've seen her. She's always smiling and ever helpful. Don't leave GSU without saying "Hi!" to Nancy at the Welcome Desk.













You don't have to live in Prairie Place to feel at home on campus. Set the rack and call your shots in the Game Lounge.













And if you prefer another kind of pool, GSU can accomodate that, as well.













If you need some fresh air, take a walk through the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park. You can even download a free app through Otocast on GooglePlay and in the Apple Store that will guide you through all 29 installations.













Are you nervous about graduation? Find your Zen! Join Dr. Zell on a Thursday for Mindful Meditation.













And don't forget to have one last meal at GSU. Order up some fresh fries and picnic by the lake. Just watch out for those geese.













Then stop by the Book Store and pick up some GSU gear. You'll treasure that tee in 20 years.













And in the meantime, it's perfect for shooting hoops at the Rec Center.













If you're feeling studious still or just want a little quiet time, make one last visit to GSU's Library. And here's a tip: the Dean keeps snacks on hand.












Feeling generous? Give a class gift to the GSU Foundation. 2017 graduates can give $20.17 to future generations of Governors State scholars.













Did you know that Governors State University is home to traveling shows and tons of student artwork? Stop by the Visual Arts Gallery and see what's new.














Make one last stop at the Office of Career Services for tips on your resume, cover letter and job search strategies.













Then create some art of your own! Put those digital skills to the test and swap faces with Paul Bunyan.













And while you're there, throw up your hands and scream it out loud--because you did it. You're graduating, and that is a feat worthy of a giant. Congratulations, Class of 2017!